Alpha Chi Rho 1975 Fire

At 7am on December 20th, 1975, a heat sensor system sounded the fire alarm at the Alpha Chi Rho Fraternity house at 77 Elm Street. The fire became too much for the fire department and it spread to a nearby house. 

The house was leveled from the fire which was later found to be caused by a faulty furnace.  

"The great Crow fire.  As I recall it was about 33 or so below zero that AM.  It was darned cold, didn't take long for the water to refreeze on the (still burning) house, or what was left of it." - Bill Barott

"Took about 20 minutes to go from a house to a charred pile" - Carl Partridge

Sorority Rush Though the Years

Years ago there was one sorority rush in Potsdam, for one school.  Then in 1972 Clarkson girls were allowed to rush State sororities, so there was still one rush but for two schools.  Even after the first Clarkson sorority (Phi Sigma Sigma) was founded in 1977 there was still one rush, and Phi Sig even took a State pledge in 1978 "in recognition of the tradition which has always integrated the women of both schools."

In 1984 Clarkson had 2 sororities and started their own rush, separate from the SUNY Potsdam sororities.  Here are some highlights of how sorority rush has changed over the years.
Spring '88 rush party at Omega
(that's me at the bottom middle of the photo, staring straight into the camera)

Smokers Though The Years

How has fraternity rush changed over the years?  A lot.  Here are some tidbits I've found online:

Professors and local clergy were invited to smokers and attended.  Students listened to music (including performances from the Clarkson Melody Boys), sang songs (including college songs) around pianos, ate sandwiches, cider, donuts and coffee and played cards.  They also stayed up "way past bedtime."